Thursday, July 20, 2017


This is coolbert:

Two warplanes as being considered to replace the American A-10 ground attack close-air-support [CAS] aircraft.

One merely a concept, the other much more than that!

1. "The Machete: The Super Plane That Could Replace the A-10 Warthog (Or Not)?"

"Stavatti, the mercurial, Minnesota-based aerospace start up, has dusted off its old proposal for a new attack plane to partially replace the U.S. Air Force’s venerable A-10 Warthog."

Fires missiles and rockets, drops bombs, has the 30 mm cannon. Comes in either a jet or a turboprop drive version. That latter a pusher. At this exact moment a concept only on paper. Pilot only no weapons officer.

"The Machete, which is still just a concept, would come in two variants optimized for close air support — the propeller-driven SM-27 and the jet-propelled SM-28. Stavatti has proposed other variants of the Machete for air-to-air combat and advanced training."


"Archangel is a combat proven attack platform that fuses aircraft, crew, sensors, and weapons with long duration on-station times.  Archangel seamlessly flows between the Find, Fix, and Finish tasks on station, capable of employing GBU-12/58 Laser Guided Bombs, AGM-114 Hellfire, and CIRIT 2.75” Laser Guided Rockets."

Drops bombs, fires missiles and rockets. NO gun! Already in the air and flying. A two-seater, pilot and weapons officer.

Also previous blog entries the topic of which was CAS warplanes:


CoS France.

This is coolbert:

From the BBC as reported the head of the French military has resigned!

"French military head de Villiers quits over cuts"

"The head of the French armed forces has quit after a clash with President Emmanuel Macron over budget cuts."

Key points with my comments:

" Gen de Villiers, 60, was infuriated by an €850m ($975m; £752m) cut in the military spending budget for 2017. Most was to come from cuts to equipment.

Euros, dollar, pounds! That figure of 850 Euros equal about to about ten of the most advanced French Rafale warplanes and no more.

* "President Macron wants to get the overall French budget deficit below a European Union cap of 3% of national income for 2017."

Only Norway and Australia of all the nations of the world having a budget surplus. All other countries strapped for cash, in debt, unable to pay their bills! France too! The European welfare state hard to sustain.

* "Furthermore, he [Macron] has pledged to lift the defence budget from 1.77% of GDP to Nato's target of 2% by 2025."

That 2 % goal as was agreed upon by all constituent members of NATO the French contribution cannot be made until 2025? If then? No wonder Donald is so mad at NATO!


920th PJ.

This is coolbert:

Supermen to the rescue! American supermen!

American Air Force pararescue jumpers [PJ's], graduates of "superman" school more than earning their keep.

A combined and extraordinary effort the results most gratifying.

"Rescue Airmen save two German citizens stranded at sea"

"PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (AFNS) -- In a concerted effort from July 7, and into the early hours of July 8, 2017, approximately 80 Airmen and four aircraft assigned to the 920th Rescue Wing successfully rescued two German citizens whose vessel caught fire approximately 500 nautical miles off the east coast of southern Florida."

Assets as deployed impressive and indicative of good teamwork. Fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, mid-air refueling capability, etc.

It is not specifically mentioned and to me it is unclear whether the PJ's entering the water by parachuting or dropping from a low-flying helicopter. Pararescue personnel adept at water operations. And with good reason. 70 % of the surface of the planet is water.

GO PJ's. GO Air Force. Bravo!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017


This is coolbert:

Within the context of the cyborg and the potential military application thereof, consider these items:

"A brain–computer interface (BCI) . . .  is a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device."

In the nutshell, a human connected to a computer. Advantage gained!

Thanks to the Russian Internet web site Sputnik!

1. "New Elon Musk Venture Aims to Merge the Human Brain With Artificial Intelligence"

"Noted artificial intelligence skeptic Elon Musk, co-founder of driverless car pioneer Tesla Motors and space exploration firm SpaceX, is attempting to combat the rise of AI [artificial intelligence] with the launch of a new venture, Neuralink. The business aims to facilitate the interface of human brains and computers."

Elon previously having voiced fears of AI and the danger as might be posed to mankind! THE RISE OF THE MACHINES!

“'The risk of something seriously dangerous happening is in the five year time frame . . . 10 years at most.'” - - Elon Musk.

2. "Never Mind Area 51, Here's Building 8: Facebook Developing Mind-Reading TechCC0"

"Facebook has revealed it's working on an interface which will allow users to control computers via their brains.'

"Headed by Regina Dugan, formerly of shadowy US military technology division DARPA and Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP), its first goal is the development of a non-invasive system to allow people to type using thought."

Mind-reading technology not strictly BCI? NO direct connection between the computer and the human brain. Perhaps BCI needs to be redefined?

These projects and research without question still at the most basic and elementary stage of development. You gotta start somewhere!


Tuesday, July 18, 2017


This is coolbert:

"Today [2130], even the human beings manning control and communications stations far from any actual combat tend to be cyborgs-- part biological, part machine."

Think "today" as not in the year 2130 but rather in the year 2017! More in the embryonic state of development but nonetheless more than on the drawing board! And so apropos to a recent blog entry.

From the Daily Mail and the tip from Lew:

"US military reveals $65m funding for 'Matrix' projects to plug human brains directly into a computer"

* "System could be used to give soldiers 'super-senses' and boost brainpower"

* "Will also allow radical new treatments for patients with sensory disorders"

* "Four teams will focus on vision and two [teams] on aspects of hearing and speech"


Again, at this stage developments only embryonic in nature. But you gotta start somewhere!


Monday, July 17, 2017

Submarine China.

This is coolbert:

Here with a number of recent items as pertinent to Chinese submarines and undersea warfare operations. Slight commentary also.

All items in index thanks to the South China Morning Post Hong Kong edition with the exception of # 5.

1. "Has China developed the world’s most powerful submarine detector?"

"Major breakthrough in magnetic detection technology brings unprecedented accuracy in finding metallic objects hidden deep underground and in the water, Shanghai scientists say"

2. "The Chinese acoustics research that might help shield submarines from sonar"

"Researchers working on a new system they hope will be more effective in hiding submarines from detection under the sea"

3. "Does China’s deep-sea tech upgrade point to submarine signals network under Pacific?"

"Technology used for undersea research has clear military applications, including improving communications with submarines, say experts"

4. "China’s first nuclear submarine was developed with the aid of an abacus, according to the scientist who led the project in the late 1950s"

"Now 93, Huang Xuhua, chief designer of the Long March-1, said he still owns one of the suanpan [abacuses] that were used by his team almost 60 years ago,Scientists used abacuses to develop China’s first nuclear submarine"

5. "China Is Building the World's Largest Submarine Factory"

"The 430,000-square-foot plant will guard subs from prying eyes."


6. "Why Chinese submarines could soon be quieter than US ones"

"Top naval engineer says new propulsion system will put PLA Navy ‘way ahead’ of US"


China as you can well imagine awash with money, cash that can be used to finance all manner of military hardware and projects. The limit is the imagination? China to use naval assets as a way of exerting geo-political domination with global reach!



This is coolbert:

"Merely considering the perspective of the 'cost-benefit basis' alone Osama bin Laden ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL MEN IN ALL OF HISTORY?"

Extracted from the Internet web site "Small Wars Journal" and copied largely in entirety from an article by John Arquilla.

"Three Ghosts Who Haunt Modern Strategy"

As was the topic of a previous blog entry, the person of Osama bin Laden his significance to modern world history can hardly be minimized.

According to John Arquilla:

"The third apparition haunting global strategy and policy is that of Osama bin Laden (1957–2011). The man who started history's first great war between nations and networks is only five years dead, yet it is already clear that he is—in an ominously Dickensian sense—the ghost of conflicts to come. His demise seems only to have scattered the seeds of networked insurgency and terrorism—old and new—across the globe: from a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan to al Qaeda 'franchises' everywhere; from the quickly metastasizing ISIS splinter group in Syria and Iraq to Boko Haram in Nigeria; from Jemaah Islamiya and the Abu Sayyaf group in Southeast Asia to Hizb ut-Tahrir around the globe. The list goes on and on, with countless small cells—such as those that spawned recent attacks in Paris and Brussels—operating throughout Europe and the rest of the world."

"Aside from having set the course for globally networked terrorism, Osama bin Laden has, with his death, done much to keep counter-terrorist strategy firmly misdirected. For if Napoleon's ghost encourages an over-reliance on sheer force, and Billy Mitchell's spirit wails 'No boots on the ground!' Osama bin Laden's spectral presence deceives many around the world into thinking that the assassination of terrorist leaders can bring their organizations to the verge of strategic defeat, as former US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was wont to say."

"Nothing could be further from the truth. The so-called Global War on Terror has morphed into terror's war on the world. And the ghost of bin Laden no doubt smiles a chilling smile at the notion that counter-terrorist efforts to defeat networks can succeed by taking out their 'leaders,' such as Abu Sayyaf, the ISIS oilman killed last year in an American special operations raid in eastern Syria, and ISIS's number two man, Mustafa al-Qaduli, who was killed this past March.6 The greatest strength of networks lies, after all, in their members' ability to pursue a common goal without much (if any) central control. Failure to appreciate this is the first step on the path to defeat—at ruinous cost."

Fourth-Generation warfare as it is deemed in all manifestations having been institutionalized by Osama and his minions as a form of conflict favored and preferred and not merely an adjunct to conventional war!